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Figurative expressionist artist and painter, Joel Kass was born in Warsaw, Poland on December 23rd, 1937 under the shadows of World War 2. His earliest memories are obviously quite traumatic, which has influenced his life and the style and subjects of his artworks quite significantly. He escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto with his mother at age 11 and after surviving the countless cholera infested refugee camps, they returned to broken Poland when he was a teenager. Short after they immigrated to Israel.

The first encounter Joel Kass had with art was through literature. He found an abandoned book library donated by an American philanthrope to the Kibbutz in which he lived and worked at the time, still as a teenager. He taught himself how to read and devoured every single book he could lay his hands on.
One day, Kass went to a neighboring kibbutz, Afikim, where a completely unexpected encounter changed his life forever. He met with his late friend and mentor, painter Leo Roth, who discovered his talent and took him under his wing. It is master Roth who has been the most influential painter who shaped much of Joel Kass' early and late artistic genre.

Following his service in the IDF, Kass moved to Europe to pursue a career as a painter. He took a boat that sailed from Haifa to Italy, and there Kass enrolled at the Scuola Internazionale Studi d’Arte del Mosaico e dell’Affresco in Ravenna, following studies at the Royal Academy in London and several years of studies in Paris.

Still while a student, Kass already saw early success and has exhibited in many of Europe's most celebrated galleries. Some newspaper articles from these days still survived the many travels and have been uploaded on the Press page.

It wasn't until his mid-thirties that Kass left Europe to go back to Israel where he remained residing at his beautiful home, surrounded by paintings and sculptures that you may today easily view on this website.

Joel Kass is now over 80 years of age and still a passionate creator who's age doesn't seem to slow his stream of creativity.

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